Steven Tyler: what's the fuss about?

  • So he's hoarse and screams after the high note. It's Steven Tyler, guys.

Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year to all regular readers and visitors! Hope you and yours (human and/or animal) all have a happy and healthy year! Any resolutions out there? I've got more than one, but the newest one is to Read More. I've got a lot of books and a lot of internet articles marked to be read. Any new resolutions out there? Anybody anti-resolution? Let's hear from you!
  • I'll also continue my practice sessions with "indie eye makeup", haha. I started very carefully with a few sample shades from Fyrinnae, as well as their Pixie Epoxy (amazing stuff). I've always been scared of using dark shades, or anything at all visible, really.... :-) The fun thing is that Man likes it when I experiment, so that's a good motivator. I look at lots of blogs and try different looks. Usually I think I look garish, and then somebody says, "Hey, your eyes look nice!" 
  • Looks like this will be the year of the iPhone for me, yay! Should be fun! Any tips or caveats anybody wants to share? I'm also thinking about an e-reader, but am still really on the fence on that one. Who'll try to convince me to do it or not to do it?