Upgrade to Lion: how's that working for you?

  • I'm going to note my experiences since upgrading to Lion and migrating to iCloud from MobileMe; I hope they can help others!
  • Luckily I had no trouble with WiFi or TimeCapsule. You do need to be prepared for the fact that the first backup after the upgrade will take a  r-e-a-l-l-y long time. At first I even thought it was stuck at "preparing...". I think the first backup ended up taking about 7-8 hours total. So try not to panic unless it's the next day and there's still nothing happening. (Subsequent updates have been fine as well, yess!)
  • As is almost everyone else, I am annoyed that the list of calendars in iCal doesn't appear in the sidebar. Apparently there's no workaround. It's not a fatal flaw, but it's annoying.
  • Speaking of iCal, while nosing around I noticed that the calendars I had in MobileMe (I have six calendars for different purposes) still seemed to be in MobileMe and not in iCloud. To avoid possibly losing them when MobileMe ends (I don't know whether that will be the case, but just to be sure..) I migrated them to newly made iCloud calendars with the same name. Use this excellent article by Jordan Schelew to do it yourself. Again, allow some time for this to synchronize if you've got lots of calendar items.
  • I hadn't thought about Office for Mac not working under Lion, so be prepared for this as well. I knew that I'd need to get the 2011 version sometime, but I was doing OK with the 2004 version plus add-ons for converting .docx files. The 2004 version does not work with Lion. I understand that 2008 works in general but may show some glitches. I knew there was a reason I waited for a work-free week to upgrade to Lion! :-)
  • Key repeating has been changed. Instead of being able to repeat (almost?) any letter by holding the key down, only certain keys repeat (like the dash). Mildly annoying, especially since you would have to use Terminal to change that, and I haven't dared doing anything in Terminal yet.
  • What you do get when you hold certain keys down is a little menu thang so you can choose a diacritic mark. I have always used alt-[diacritic]-[letter], but the menu-ette may be handy too, once I get used to it.
I'll post more remarks as I think of them.