Almost weekend

  • Not too much to tell. Mom is getting better. She's getting annoyed at the attention ("I just want to deal with things MYSELF!"), which is probably a sign of getting back on track.
  • Had a lovely free day with Man. Such a happy relationship makes me thankful every day. I hope there are lots of people who can say the same thing.
  • Looking forward to doing a little straightening up this evening and this weekend. It may not be true for everyone, but a messy environment makes me feel edgy. Not that that means the apartment is pristine....
  • Got a couple of Border Collie decals in the mail today, which I'll tape onto the inside of the hatchback. Getting psyched for our first Sheepherding Trial-ette next week!
  • Hope everyone that reads this has a good weekend. What are the good things you'll be doing for yourself and your loved ones? If you run out of ideas, check out The Happiness Project

Stop? Go?

  • Well, it turns out Mom didn't have the test because she is rather sick; looks like some kind of stomach bug, but for a lady "getting up there", as we used to say, she doesn't have much extra strength to deal with not eating and hardly drinking for almost a week now. Luckily she called the doctor and ended up getting extra fluids and some medication at the local hospital. She kept down a few crackers today. Hope she gets stronger soon. 
  • The other downside was that I had to e-mail my brother to bring him up to date. He can be a real [insert word of choice here] and I limit contact with him to what's absolutely necessary. Hope she hears from him.
  • Speaking of what's important, I read this post on Be More With Less. The video, about not just going on and on in/with your life, really is moving. As much mindfulness as possible, that's my goal, and I'm far from reaching it. How close are you?

Not bad

  • Slept pretty well, worked an hour, got my hair cut, bought a new frying pan, went to the gym, and saved money on groceries. Now going to play some music while the washing machine's going. Must call Mom later; she had some kind of chemical stress test today.
  • I do hate doing grocery shopping at the end of the afternoon: lots of people in the store, trying to get stuff for dinner. Is it that way everywhere? Why don't I do it earlier in the day as long as my schedule allows? Why don't I have personnel to do everything I don't feel like doing? Hehe.

How to "do" today

  • After receiving bad health news last week (luckily not fatal, just painful and annoying) and fighting off a cold, in addition to a lot of Stuff that's come my way recently, I'm once again faced with the question of "how to 'do' today". Today's first steps seem to be: a nap and making soup (zucchini, quinoa, tomato, basil) from a recipe given to me by a kind of Ayurveda dietician. And straightening up the bedroom. I'd love to have a perfectly made bed, but "just straightened up" is fine, especially since straightening up the bed lets me look at our Amish quilt: beautiful in itself, but also special because I remember the family where we bought it on vacation this summer. They were all sitting outside enjoying lemonade and a chat. One of the boys found a cicada skin for us.
  • In about half an hour I'll take Border Collie and go and care for Horse and possibly ride a little. Horse is recovering from a mild strain and is now trotting for two periods of 3 minutes each most days. She's happy to be doing something "productive" again.
  • And today's question is: how do people deal with the clothes that have been worn, but are good to go for another day? Don't want to put them back in the closet/drawer. Don't want them cluttering up the view. Looking for your input!