Almost weekend

  • Not too much to tell. Mom is getting better. She's getting annoyed at the attention ("I just want to deal with things MYSELF!"), which is probably a sign of getting back on track.
  • Had a lovely free day with Man. Such a happy relationship makes me thankful every day. I hope there are lots of people who can say the same thing.
  • Looking forward to doing a little straightening up this evening and this weekend. It may not be true for everyone, but a messy environment makes me feel edgy. Not that that means the apartment is pristine....
  • Got a couple of Border Collie decals in the mail today, which I'll tape onto the inside of the hatchback. Getting psyched for our first Sheepherding Trial-ette next week!
  • Hope everyone that reads this has a good weekend. What are the good things you'll be doing for yourself and your loved ones? If you run out of ideas, check out The Happiness Project

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