Trudging along

  • After a weekend spent dealing with the backlash of my own medical news (sleeping an unusual number of hours, tissue in one hand, tea in the other, Man at the ready), and that of my Mom (not getting significantly better; unclear what exactly is going on), it felt surprisingly good to work this morning (annoying colleagues excepted) and reasonably good to go to the gym this afternoon. Not feeling so bad now, except that I'm ready to snap at total strangers if they even look at me. Have to cut myself some slack, I guess. At least I am doing the dishes and have brought some stuff to be sold second-hand for charity.
  • Fall has cut loose and it was foggy and leafy this morning. Ever since I was a kid I've loved fog: the way things melt into the fogginess, the hush, the lack of wind. Of course, whenever the sun decides to show up I'll be glad about that, too.
  • Christmas. Don't do a whole lot about Christmas, but Man and I have picked out a photo for Christmas cards. Do have to think of a few presents. Wonder how I'll deal with Brother's antipathy, because I'd like to send something to his child (I'm an aunt!). How do others deal with this kind of tricky situation, I wonder?
  • Animals are doing pretty well. Waiting for the osteopath to check Horse's back on Wednesday.

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