Mud. Wind. Sheep.

  • Last training session before the sheepherding trial-ette this coming Saturday. Man. It was muddy, there was that kind of driving drizzle rain that doesn't seem like much until you're out in it for an hour and a half, and the sheep didn't move. Haha. Sometimes you have sheep that run as soon as you look at them, and sometimes they just stand there and dare you to get them going. Frustrating for the dog, who'd really like to run. :-) Apparently we may have to drive them into a trailer on Saturday as part of the run. Haven't done that yet. Really enjoying the fact that a few friends are going to come and watch. Unfortunately, Man can't be there.
  • Anybody else running around in mud and rain as a hobby? It's supposed to be good for your resistance, being outside a lot. Well, I qualify.

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