Work can be fun

  • Had a meeting this evening with one of the groups (the nicer one). I'm officially there to take the minutes and answer questions about the project, but this group actually listens to me, and they decided to go with the author I suggested for an article! That's a good feeling. But I'm pooped now, so I'm heading off to bed in a minute.
  • Cold. Even though it's just below freezing, there's a hefty northeast wind that makes everything seem colder. I'm now wearing thermal underwear every day, and I use an electric blanket when Man is not here. Have to decide tomorrow whether I can take Horse to her vet appointment on Thursday to have the leg checked. The main roads are fine, but the rural road where she lives is covered with ice. It's only about half a mile, if that, to a main road, but if it's not an emergency I'd rather not chance it with her in the trailer. Have to see how the road is tomorrow.
  • The little Christmas shopping I've planned is going well. Love internet shopping. Never had a problem with it, except for one time last year when some flake on Etsy (not saying that everyone on Etsy is a flake!) took my money and didn't send the goods. The PayPal complaint procedure works well, by the way. I got the flake suspended from PayPal until she paid me back. Take that!

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