Love and dreams

  • I read another lovely post by Courtney Carver, revealing some very personal experiences with love. I was really touched by it. What she's learned from her husband and her marriage resonates with me (I feel lucky to be able to say that). "Not everything needs to be resolved": so true! I'm so glad her husband didn't take her up on her offer to "let him off the hook" (my words). :-) And what a fantastic idea, to propose to the daughter as well. I wish them all the very best and hope that many of us can experience the same depth and beauty in our lives and our relationships.
  • Interesting research into what the researcher calls "daydreaming". At first I thought: daydreaming can be a good thing: relaxing, helping the creative process, etc. But if I read the story correctly the research is more about a kind of multitasking, wandering off in your thoughts while doing something else. (I can't get the image of people filling in research forms during sex out of my mind!) This must fit in with what we know about mindfulness. I think the moral of the story is that daydreaming should be, well, daydreaming, in order to benefit us.
  • Hoping for a restful weekend. Orange muffins will most probably be a part of it! Mmmm....

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