• So...the short version of the sheepherding story is that Border Collie did a fantastic job and had the most points! I should mention he has a visual handicap, and even with that handicap he blew everyone else away. Unfortunately, he nipped at a sheep right at the end of the second run, and nipping means disqualification. Actually, he did a very logical thing considering the situation at that moment, so I was proud that he took action to solve a problem. But it's against the rules, so no winner's trophy, just the knowledge that he was the best sheepherder there (aside from the nip). And  just to reassure everyone: no sheep was hurt. He didn't even get a mouthful of wool. :-) 
  • Mom is leaving the hospital today. There will be more tests later, but it looks like she got some kind of "bug" she just couldn't shake, and had to have support during her recovery. She's really feisty again. Wonder whether this is just because of the whole hospital thing, or whether it's some kind of new development in her personality.
  • Speaking of medical questions, there is as always an interesting post by Alex Lickerman on Happiness in this World, with his thoughts on medical screening. I don't agree 100% with his criteria for screening or not screening, but I always appreciate his well-considered thoughts, products as they are of both his medical training and his Buddhist practice.

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