Blustery, frugal (at least, MORE frugal)

  • Lots of wind today, and periods with lots of rain. Managed to avoid most of the rain.
  • Thinking a lot about how to arrange some financial things, balancing out short-term and long-term wants and needs. The animals can be expensive, as far as health care etc., but I'm not cutting down on that. By shopping at one of the discount grocery stores I've realized how much TOO much I've been spending at the regular grocery store (which isn't even the most expensive chain). It does help a lot to get in synch with Man, who's not a big spender. The trick (as it is with trying to lose weight, for example) is to choose the things you're willing and able to spend more on, and emphasize the things that don't matter much if you don't. The discount grocery store is an example of the latter. I do have to plan my trips there to coincide with other appointments, because it's not close to here (and I'm trying to save gas as well). For me the whole money thing is kind of loaded. There was very little money when I was a child, and that continued throughout college. Then I had a period of there being more financial leeway, and to be totally honest: I loved it. I loved the freedom. I loved being able to surround myself with things and situations I really enjoyed. Now I'm cutting down again to meet some long-term goals. I can do it, but sometimes I have to fight the fear of having no leeway and of having to "make do" with things I don't love. I don't particularly want to go back there. It should be possible to strike a balance.

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