Let it not snow...

  • Well, I was hoping it wouldn't happen, but it did...snow. Only an inch or so, but enough to make biking treacherous. I'll continue as long as I can. The temperature is not going to be rising anytime soon.
  • Dragged myself to the gym again; hope to go twice this week, which has been the plan all along. (I did, until my dip last month.) I really must let myself reap the benefits of exercising. I was thinking today, I have the kind of body that isn't strong (although I can leg press 100 pounds) or sculpted, but it needs the exercise to work out back tension, keep the blood flowing, reduce stiffness, give energy, try to increase the cardiovascular fitness. And it probably won't ever be easy for me to keep it up, but missing a session makes a difference in how I feel. This is where ya gotta be an adult, folks. Still working on that sometimes... :-)
  • Talked to my fave uncle. He sent me a little wooden ring with flowers painted on it for Christmas. (I peeked.) I like it just because he sent it to me.

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