Love, public and private

  • So Wills/William and Kate/Catherine are getting married. I admit that I always look forward to these royal weddings. Love to see all those perfect-looking people walking around in their sparklies. :-) They seem very happy, as did Victoria and Daniel (Sweden) at their wedding. I hope they stay happy, which will probably be extra difficult living as they do under magnifying glasses. I love looking good and wearing sparklies, but I don't think I could live that way. 
  • And the way I do live...well, I had an appointment this morning and would just come home for a few minutes before leaving for another appointment that would take all afternoon. When I got home after the first appointment I discovered that Man, who was gone for the rest of the day to do his own things, had made me soup and set the table so that I could have a quick but good lunch. And done the dishes and made the bed. That's as good a princess feeling as any! 

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