• I realize more every day that I get overstimulated by too much fast information. At the same time, it's addictive: I keep wanting to check the news sites, my e-mail, etc., my cell phone's on and I enjoy getting and sending texts. I often zap around the tv channels in the evening. I once read that constant running around on the internet is a sign of needing some other kind of movement, like going for a walk or whatever. Whatever the cause, I notice I really need to pay attention to creating moments/hours/days with less (or other) stimulation. Courtney Carver at Be More with Less just wrote a great post about "disconnecting". I agree (obviously) with her premise that we need to disconnect more, at least from the whole electronic scene. (It gives us room to connect in other ways, including with ourselves.) I also agree with what she says about the shift in perspective you get when you do turn off the electronics, however temporarily. Since Man and I communicate a lot by e-mail, this is a challenge for me. But I could certainly "let go" when I know he's busy or not around his computer.
  • Made two pans of brownies. Mmmmmm....
  • Mom getting feisty. On the one hand it's a good sign. On the other hand she can be kind of harsh. Not the easiest conversations to have.
  • Early to bed and early to rise: sheep tomorrow!

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