Christmas is coming...

  • Getting going on the Christmas thang, which I keep pretty low-scale. Man always has a busy time up to and including Christmas, so I do some cards, think of a few presents I want to give, try to see a couple of people I haven't seen in a while. Sometimes I make some Christmas cookies. I saw something that might make a good present - in two senses. It's Kiva, an organization that facilitates microfinance. You can pick the person or business you want to help, based on geographical location, gender, sector, or individual/group. It occurred to me that this could be used as a Christmas gift, kind of like a donation to a charitable cause in the name of the gift recipient. Worth looking into.
  • Border Collie had a good vet visit today. Horse is unfortunately not what she should be. I think she'll be going to the clinic next week, since the back treatment she had didn't solve the problem. She's not lame, just not moving as she usually does, and I want to see what's bothering her.
  • I "cleared the decks" the last couple of days, trying to reduce the stress level that's been making me a bit snappy. You never know exactly how long you need to clear the decks. But I have been feeling happier and my mood is more even. Nice for everyone concerned!

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