Stop? Go?

  • Well, it turns out Mom didn't have the test because she is rather sick; looks like some kind of stomach bug, but for a lady "getting up there", as we used to say, she doesn't have much extra strength to deal with not eating and hardly drinking for almost a week now. Luckily she called the doctor and ended up getting extra fluids and some medication at the local hospital. She kept down a few crackers today. Hope she gets stronger soon. 
  • The other downside was that I had to e-mail my brother to bring him up to date. He can be a real [insert word of choice here] and I limit contact with him to what's absolutely necessary. Hope she hears from him.
  • Speaking of what's important, I read this post on Be More With Less. The video, about not just going on and on in/with your life, really is moving. As much mindfulness as possible, that's my goal, and I'm far from reaching it. How close are you?

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