• This morning I was sitting on the sofa with Border Collie, who was lying on his back hoping I'd do a long-term scratching session. I scratched a little, and then the pile of read newspapers on the coffee table caught my eye. I decided to get up and put them in the recycling bin. But then I stopped myself. I was able to ask myself: what's more important at this moment: putting the newspapers away, or enjoying my dog (and giving him enjoyment)? I had the time to do some extra belly scratching, and the choice became clear: I'd be more fulfilled by scratching right now. 
  • It's something I'm always working on: how do I decide what to do at a given moment? As I've said recently, I tend to be pretty reactive: basing choices on external stimuli. Gotten a mail? Quick, see who sent it and probably answer it right away. Laundry lying next to the washing machine? Get that out of the way before writing. Horse needing some kind of care? Has to be done before I plan my meals and do the grocery shopping. I often have trouble deciding for myself what my priorities are and asking myself whether what I'm doing contributes to achieving what I want. Reactive instead of proactive. That's why I often mention "Getting Things Done" and similar books/sites, which I like to read for ideas on how to answer these questions and go about getting what I really want and/or need.
  • The biggie for me is often the short-term reward of having something "fun" to eat, versus the long(er)-term rewards of a healthy weight, and less joint inflammation. Really working on that one.
  • What are your  challenges being proactive/reactive? How are you trying to achieve the balance you want and need?

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