Hello, fellow kitchen-users!

  • So suddenly last week I got a call from the contractor. "Can we start tomorrow?" Pfff. After waiting almost 4 months they have to start in the week Man and I had (with difficulty) kept free. Well, better get on with it then, we thought.
  • Now it's a couple of days later and it's almost done. Will post pics. The fabulous countertop has been installed, as well as the oven (much fancier than the old one), gas cooker and range hood. The tiles were done today. Tomorrow there'll be some caulking and taking care of other details. At some point the electrical outlets will be done and there'll be a new faucet. Still amazes me how much "damage" a small fire can do. Seem to have a good contractor, which kind of astounds me.
  • And in other news I of course thoroughly enjoyed the Wills-and-Kate-O-Rama. Am more than a little proud that the night before the wedding I had an idea of what she'd look like and it turned out to be almost exactly right. Very interesting. (I thought she looked perfect, by the way.) I wish them all kinds of luck. They'll need it. And I hope they keep finding strength in each other, as they seem to do so far.
  • Also woke up this morning with the idea that someone 'important' had died. That of course turned out to be true, if we can believe the news reports about the attack near Islamabad. Wonder whether I'm learning to listen to my intuition.

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