Customer (non-) service

  • By way of "review" a couple of remarks about recent customer service experiences. (Y'all already know how I feel about T-Mobile!)
  • EMTEC. I had an Emtec SD card (1 GB) which died. I used the form on the Emtec site (try to find the form! I dare you!) on two separate occasions (August 9 and August 23) to report the problem and ask for a replacement. No answer. I rooted around some more on the internet and found an e-mail address ( and repeated my request, asking that they forward my request to the appropriate department. I have received no answer whatsoever to any of these attempts at communication. Customer service?? No way! Now I'm also out the money for a new card, besides being pissed off. I hope a lot of people Google "Emtec SD card" and end up on my site....
  • LACIE. Totally different story! My LaCie "itsaKey" USB drive was suddenly invisible on both the Big Computer and the laptop. Mailed LaCie and received a prompt answer with ticket number. I could provide them with an e-mail copy of the purchase receipt and they quickly issued a return number and instructions for returning the item. All correspondence was quick and to the point, so I expect that replacing the thang will go just as well. *UPDATE* I received a new "iamaKey" (different model) within about a week.
  • Anybody else with an electronics customer service gripe (or a *good* experience)?

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