Less TV and general update

  • Just have to crow about something so simple that it's amazingly easy to miss. I get so much more done when I unplug! Of course I'm not giving up my TV or computer (I'm even entertaining the idea of a laptop for when Man is here), but I am definitely stepping away from the screens more often. More consciously. And then I'm getting the bill-paying done, getting the laundry done, reading something, sitting on the sofa with coffee, enjoying Border Collie. And I forget less. Very rewarding. Anyone else amazed at how simple this is? Tammy Strobel isn't, as she explains in her post on Rowdy Kittens.
  • I'm even doing a better job of the whole food thing. Attention is the key. Attention and calm.
  • No new half kitchen yet. Have to wait for approval by the insurance company. 
  • Horse seems to be doing well. Biked with her for half an hour today. She was frisky because of the cold, sunny weather. Had to trot some to express herself, which looks pretty cool next to a bike. :-) Here's a video (not me); imagine this, but with several times more excitement, hehe.
  • She's really shedding at the moment, removing her winter coat. I find stroking a lava stone all over gets a LOT of hair out. 
  • Border Collie had a sort of dislocated toe last week. Seems to be fine now. If it persists (which it could if ligaments are too loose) the vet will show me how to tape the toe to its neighbors before sheepherding or anything else intensive.

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