• Haven't posted for several days; my life was temporarily revolving around sheep! We were going to participate in a sheep herding trial the day before yesterday, and because BC is visually impaired I decided to take a lesson on the trial field, so he'd at least see it beforehand. So last Tuesday we drove 2-1/2 hours there, had a lesson and drove back. 
    On Thursday we had a lesson somewhere else ("only" an hour away), with a possible new instructor. (Our regular instructor is out of commission for a while for health reasons.) And Sunday we had the trial. The first lesson was kind of wild, since BC hadn't seen a sheep close up for three months. And I had to get into it again as well. 
    The lesson on Thursday was somewhat better. Interesting to take a lesson from someone who isn't primarily into trialling. She actually herds, well, a huge herd of sheep, about 350 animals. 
    And Sunday was the trial. Decided to go there Saturday evening and stay in a B&B so I wouldn't have to get up at five on Sunday morning. Sunday turned out to be a lovely day. The trial didn't really go as planned (the sheep high-tailed it back to their starting pen twice), but I noticed the commands were going much better and I was happy about that. Even though we exceeded the time limit we ended up being tied for 5th place out of 19. Not bad!
  • Now getting back in gear with the rest of life, like continuing with getting rid of stuff, getting the repair work done on the kitchen etc. I picked out a really nice countertop; here's a pic. (And now to bed!) 

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