Honoring the old; in with the new

  • During our free time between Christmas and New Year's I made a list of what I had done in 2010. I used my calendar to jog my memory. (Now that I'm using Remember the Milk and the tasks disappear when I complete them, I don't know how this will work for 2011.) I was really amazed at how much I had done in my personal life. And I realized that I had not done much as far as friends are concerned. There are a few people I want to see or have more contact with, so I'm going to make it a point to do that.
    I shared my list with Man, who even suggested a few additions to the list. Maybe something for you to try?
  • Speaking of that week, we had a wonderful time in a rented, well, cottage, I guess I'd call it. Border Collie was along for the first time; usually he stays with a friend if I'm away. We didn't do much because of the snow and ice. We stayed in, watched dvds, and read lots. What we didn't do was hear lots of noise. We heard almost nothing outside the house, and it really did us good. Border Collie thought the whole situation was bizarre but settled down pretty well except for when he heard fireworks. 
  • Put a few things on eBay today. I earned a couple hundred dollars that way in 2011, and since I'm downsizing anyway, selling what I can is a perfect fit.
  • Feeling a bit less sore today. Hope I can sleep through tonight. Have to keep finding people to take care of Horse until the soreness is pretty much gone.
  • What did you do during your free days, if you had them (I'm hoping you did!)? Did you do anything to take stock and/or make plans? I'd love to read about it. Let me know!

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