Not much room for writing

  • I've been so busy dealing with the aftermath of the kitchen fire and with some tax thangs, that I haven't had much time/energy to write. Turns out that even the small fire in the kitchen will probably end up costing around $4000.00, since the stove and the counter and some tiles will need to be replaced, the walls etc. need to be painted, and all that. (I seem to have gotten a pretty cool insurance adjuster, so I assume all reasonable repairs etc. will be paid for.) I guess the flip side is that I can finally ditch the funky orange countertop that's been in there since before I moved in. Anyone have any experience with a countertop made of hardened glass? That looks pretty cool to me; I love glass. And I can get a new espresso machine. :-)
  • The rib pain is getting better. Today I went to the barn again and did some basic work grooming Horse etc. Friends are still helping me do the stall and exercise her. I hope to start up again "for real" sometime next week. And I hope she won't throw me off ever again.
  • Yesterday I did have a lovely day. It was my birthday, and Man was here most of the day (and night). We went out and got cake, and I opened his presents (a very interesting book and a dvd set of Jeeves and Wooster! Woo-hoo!) and my Mom's presents. Later we went out for Indian food and came back for a couple of episodes of Jeeves. Just a lovely day. As an added bonus, one of the groups I work with (we can guess which one it wasn't) sent me a huge bouquet to cheer me up because of the rib thing. Just a princess kind of day!

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