Things are rolling again

  • I've got less pain now that I have better medication (1000 mg acetaminophen/paracetamol, plus diclofenac, three times a day). It lets me move around more, which is good for the muscle cramps in my back. And it makes me more human instead of some kind of amazingly crabby creature obsessed with its own problems. Luckily I've got a few good people who are taking care of Horse this week. Mucking out the stall and giving her exercise...not yet an option. 
  • The kitchen fire did more damage than I first thought. It's not that things are all burned up, but there was smoke, and the stove and exhaust fan are damaged, I had to have someone come in to clean, there'll have to be new paint, the coffee machine is slightly damaged (luckily only slightly!), etc. Thursday I'm getting an estimate for the painting and Friday someone from the insurance is coming to estimate the damage. I hope there won't be any problems with that.
  • The telephone line is being changed next week, kind of scary, because I just do not want to be without internet for even an hour. Pfff.
  • And I need to call a plumber for the kitchen sink, which drains slowly despite the use of different kinds of drain cleaner (and sticking a wire in the pipes and moving it around).
  • Looks like it's the month of Acting Like a Grownup. It seems like I'm doing things I don't really feel equipped to do. Winging it. I've read that this is a pretty normal thing, doing things you don't totally think you can do. Acting like a grownup when you don't totally feel like one. Thoughts on that?
  • Check out the video of Neil Pasricha of "1000 Awesome Things". Personal, honest, moving. We can all learn from him.

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