Just take two

  • Still here, hurting all over. It took me half an hour to get into position in the bed. Had to slowly lie down on my stomach, try to turn over, and hooch up into the right position, groaning and panting all the while. Half an hour. And when I got there I discovered I could hardly breathe because of the pain around my shoulder blade. Ended up calling Man in a panicky, hyperventilating voice, and then cutting the call short because I couldn't do anything except try to deal with the pain. Slept for two hours in a chair. Took more painkillers and some valium (to relax the muscles) and slept some more in the bed.
  • Going to go to bed now. Did manage to do the dishes, but I'm really cranky from the pain and not being able to do much (almost exploding if something falls on the floor or the cat meows) and can't deal with anything else at the moment. I know. So sue me. Tomorrow's another day.
  • I did have some success practicing my "take two" rule. If things are really a mess and I can't (for whatever reason) put everything away, I just take two things out of the room I'm in and put them where they belong. It really helps.

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