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  • Have been a little erratic with posting, what with last-minute work thangs and all kinds of errands I wanted to get done before enjoying a few free days.
  • Yesterday while waiting for my gay electrician (I love saying that) to fix something in the kitchen I noticed that Border Collie was squinting. As the faithful readers know, he is only partially sighted. One eye is most probably blind. He probably sees about 50% with the other one. Of course it was the sighted eye that was squinting. And the third eyelid was partially visible. OK, alarm bells going off in my head again. Got on the phone to his ophthalmologist (who once gave me her cell number for emergencies, bless her) and it turned out she was about two hours away. I'd gladly have driven, even in the snow, but she suggested going to a local vet and being called from there. The point is that an infection in this eye could have serious consequences because of the cataract ("aftercataract") and artificial lens in his eye, plus endangering his retina. A scratch on the cornea from a bush or something wouldn't be as bad. Well, there was apparently not much visible, but the vet didn't have the equipment an eye doctor would have. After a short discussion the eye doctor made the vet (I can't describe it any other way, haha) give me atropine drops to dilate the pupil and prevent possible scarring (and reduce irritation), as well as an anti-inflammatory medication (pills) and antibiotic salve for in the eye. That's what I like about her: she gets right in there and treats aggressively to prevent serious complications. He looks better already, discounting the fact that the light bothers him because his pupil is huge. I have to say, a stoned Border Collie is a weird sight to behold (although he only looks stoned). I'm going to talk to the eye doctor on Tuesday and bring her up to speed. Maybe she'll want to take a look.
  • So anyway, considering all the stuff that's been going on, I'm ready for a break. I'll be off the air until January 3 or 4. The whole Reverb10-prompt-thang kind of got pushed to the background and didn't speak to me much the last couple of weeks. I felt kind of wimpy until I saw Shauna Reid's similar feeling in her post on What's new, pussycat?. I mean, if she's feeling the same way I'm allowed to slack off too, right? Right?? I am going to print out the prompts, though, and see whether they produce any results during my break.
  • I hope everyone has a good last week of the year, and hope to see you all (virtually) in 2011! Happy New Year!

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