• Well, it did snow. Sigh. Appointment changed to next week.
  • Discovered Reverb10, a project with daily "prompts" and the invitation to react to them. "Reflect on this year & manifest what's next" is their motto. They've invented an ingenious way to get people thinking, writing, and commenting on each other's writing. Got a badge on my home page for this one too, so check it out!
  • I'm going to start with the second prompt (from Leo Babauta): what do you do each day that doesn't contribute to your writing - and can you eliminate it? Well, I think that's an easy one. MUCH too MUCH aimless internetting! Why? It's restlessness. Just looking for something to do. And escapism. Just looking for some kind of distraction. The stupid thing is: once I actually do sit down and...write, or read, or play music, or think about something, I love it. What is the story on that?? Why deny myself these things? And deny my loved one(s) the person who does them and enjoys them?
  • Oh, I love this. Simple tips to declutter, once again on the Happiness Project. For me, that's about the same as "simple tips to feel good". Amazing: how simple, and how good you can feel afterwards.

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